My story

Like many little girls, I grew up with a love for dress ups. I styled myself, my dolls, my friends, and anyone else who’d let me accessorise them, and my passion for fashion, style and design never waned, instead it grew as I grew. I was surrounded by fabrics and patterns throughout my childhood, as my mother was a dressmaker and seamstress, and like for many of us growing up in the 70s and 80s, she designed and sewed all my clothing. Back then, whether I was off to a Greek dance or Church, I always wanted to look glamorous, because dress ups has always been my thing. Even now, I love styling people and dressing them up, my friends call me a fashionista, and I can’t even go to the gym without it all looking just right!

I’ve worked in fashion, styled photo shoots, run stores for huge labels (I’ve worked with Charlie Brown, Myer, Carla Zampatti to name a few), worked in all aspects of retail, so a year ago, the timing was just right, my kids were growing, and Sophia + Co was launched. I design the fabrics, the patterns, style the photo shoots, liaise with my manufacturers, and LOVE being involved in every aspect from conception to design through to collection launch.

Being a working mother I knew that my brand needed to support other women, so my manufacturing has focused on fair work and trade practices in India, and my relationships with the makers is nothing short of a feel-good story. My focus is on everything I produce being 100% ethically made, 100% quality and style. Only the best silks for Sophia + Co, yet at prices to keep them affordable, and quantities to keep them unique.

Due to a horrific (yet hilarious!) experience a while back when I turned up to a destination wedding wearing an extremely expensive (sshhhh!) and fabulous outfit, only to find TWO other women looking just as fabulous in the EXACT same dress, I knew I could only produce unique items, as no-one should ever have that happen to them! So, we produce just 25 of each fabric design, so you can shop online here in Australia at Sophia + Co (and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in the world) knowing that your chosen piece is unique, special, and made with love. 

From my signature kaftans to casual (yet glamorous) wear, mummy and me matching outfits to my new boys range (coming soon – watch this space!) my designs will surprise you with their versatility, superior quality and comfort, and I encourage you to share feedback and tag @ sophiaandco_official in your posts on social media.

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